Sometimes one dog just isn’t enough, especially if your first dog is getting old. If you want to adopt another puppy while your first dog is still around, then you’ll need to take a few things into consideration when you look for hound adoption gainesville fl services.

First, it’s pretty likely that both dogs will become friends, or at the very least tolerate one another over time. You’ll just need to get through some growing pains. Adopting the puppy if you have an older dog is very similar to adopting a puppy if you have no dogs.

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You’ll still need to teach it the rules of the house, potty train it, and puppy proof your home. But you’ll also need to be mindful of how the dogs react to one another. Sometimes having a whizzing ball of energy running around while the older dog is trying to sleep isn’t the best idea, so plan time for the two to be separated.

If the old dog is spending time by himself, put the puppy in a different room or take it outside to give your dog some quiet and space. Also be sure to play with and shower some love on your old dog so he doesn’t feel left out. Take him for walks, nap together, play with a favorite toy, and just generally show him that he’s loved too.

Occasionally you might see the older dog take an interest in the puppy, and the old dog might even try to teach the puppy a few things or correct bad behavior. This can be adorable to watch, and if the corrections are okay then you can leave them too it.

Over time, both dogs should get used to each other, and maybe they’ll become friends. Then you’ll have two bundles of joy instead of just one.