Making Your Dog Best In Show

We all love our animals, especially our dogs.  Dogs are loyal, loving and most of all just like people.  Since each of our dogs are an extension of ourselves it isn’t hard to believe that we want to pamper our dogs as much as possible.  This is why dog grooming newfoundland is such a needed activity.

When it comes to grooming our dogs the experience can be an enjoyable one or it can be a nightmare.  Just like our kids our dogs will either love to get pampered or they won’t.  My dog for instance loves to get groomed.  It is quite an enjoyable experience for the both of us.

dog grooming newfoundland

When deciding on dog groomer service the first thing that you want to do is make sure that they are reputable and have a long list of clients.  You don’t really want to trust your pet to a stranger in a white van.  When looking for an establishment make sure that it is clean, well lit and has a friendly atmosphere.  Dogs, just like humans have a sense of fear and if they are not comfortable they will let you know.

I like going to places that have bright colors, a neutral odor and a cheerful environment.  When picking a place it has to look like a dog house or at least a dag daycare.  It has to have dog beds, maybe some bones on the wall, something that really sets the mood.

Those working here also have to have a fun and positive attitude.  For those who choose to take care of animals need to be upbeat and positive.  If you go to a place that is negative it will show and reflect in the atmosphere.  This is supposed to be a fun and positive experience for dog and owner.  So, when deciding on a spa day for your pooch make it a fun one you both will enjoy.