Making Your Pet The Perfect Addition To Your Family

We all love our pets.  In fact it is estimated that Americans spend just as much if not more on their pets than they do on their children.  When dealing with your pets it is important that you care for them not just physically through feeding, walking and loving, but through their education as well.  This is why pet training hendersonville nc is a vital component and shouldn’t be overlooked

When it comes to training your pet there a lot of components that you need to look at before taking action.  The first and probably most important aspect is understanding that your pets are living loving creatures and you don’t want to do anything to them that you wouldn’t do to a human child.  This includes hitting or other negative forms of discipline.

When it comes to training your pet you first need to know if they are old enough to be trained.  Too often people will get a pet that is too young and won’t understand your objectives.  It is at this time you will want to create a more controlled environment with crating and possibly more outside time for preventing those little accidents.

Once your pet is deemed to be old enough to understand being trained you want to focus on positive reinforcement.  This can be done through treats, fun activities and more.  You never want to use negative reinforcement that will harm your pet such as puling, pushing or slapping.

If negative reinforcement is required doing things such as a spray bottle with water and a non-harmful additive will work.  There are many thoughts on this subject so do more research to see what has been most effective and for what animal.

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Finally when it comes to training your pet you want to be consistent.  Allowing your pet on the couch one day and not the next will send mixed signals.  If you are firm in your desires and consistent in your actions your pet will pick up on this and training will be much easier and effective.